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Aug 8, 2013 10:00am EDT
fire... ♪ >> hi, friends. welcome to "body electric." i'm martha richard with my wingman heidi, and you're the friends, and this is the warmup. let's start with the shoulders. up and down. shrug it up. and pull and tap. and reach it. other side. and pull and down. front. arms up. shoulders. and look to the side. shoulders up and down. look to the side. stay here, and let's take it down. flat back. now, take it down halfway. arch the back and bring it up. arms to the side. side to side. elbows stay high. press and push. shoulders are down, elbows are high. bend the knees. let's take it down. keep the back flat. again. ok, let's just lunge it, stretch it. other side. good basic warmup stretch. abdomen is in. hips and shoulders square, facing front. to the side.
Aug 21, 2013 11:00pm PDT
: he does one a year. >> yeah. i remember martha graham said this amazing thing, and maybe that's the point where i relate to woody as a-- you know, someone who has-- you know, an artistic and creative life. she said this fantastic thing about there's never, as an artist, there's never any satisfaction. there's just this eternal, constant rolling-- this is not a direct quote-- dissatisfaction. and that this kind of blessed, unrestfulness that keeps you-- keeps you going. >> rose: so what's the search? >> the search i guess is for that-- it's like being on a monkey bar. happiness, this whole cult of happiness. it's very rare. satisfaction just doesn't exist, and that you-- you hope to glimpse it. you hope there will be a moment where you think, that's not bad. >> rose: the reason i ask if he's looking back he's now sort of musing allowed maybe if he had it to do over-- and he says anybody who doesn't think about doing it over and doesn't think about regrets and doesn't know they made some bad choice along the line is just simply not in touch with themselves. do you agree with that? >>
Aug 20, 2013 11:30pm EDT
wanted -- >> jay: you shot at -- it takes place at martha's vineyard. did you shoot at -- >> no, we shot in boston. >> jay: that's my hometown. i love boston. >> you do. >> jay: is that your first time spending time there? >> no, i've shot three movies in boston now. i love it there. i'm a big pats fan. >> jay: it's the funniest place in the world. [ cheers ] the funniest, quirkiest people are in boston. >> they are quirky. they are definitely -- they're definitely a -- a -- >> jay: yeah. you think you're a big sta! you come in here like you're a a big sta! yeah, i'm a big star. >> you look wicked hot. >> jay: yeah, wicked hot. so tell people what the movie is about. >> the movie is about -- okay. well, i mean, it's kind of -- it's a little, know -- it's a a long one. but basically, larry david and jon hamm owned a car company together. >> jay: right. >> and he had this -- jon hamm's idea was to have an electric car called the howard. >> jay: right. >> larry david thinks it's a a horrible idea. >> jay: gets fired. >> sells all his shares. he goes. and he is the laughing -- aren't you in
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)